Junior Music Camps

A week of Junior music camp offers a program that builds character in young musicians ages 7-12. Our camp offers challenging
musical instruction, and campers will experience tons of growth in their musical abilities in a week that focuses on individual skill, group formation, and enhancing their theory knowledge. The camp also features electives in a variety of activities that are musical, theatrical, creative and sports related. Get your acting abilities polished up because you may be called on to perform during skit night. We are a Christian camp, and our Bible program offers a week full of adventure, excitement, and surprises with special guests and action based activities. These times are about experiencing God as a kid, and they are enhanced with heart pounding (and sometimes ear pounding) worship music and creative movement. Join us for a week of making memories!


Campers Singing on stage as part of the final concert of Junior Music Camp

JMC 1 Director


JMC 2 Director

Mona Ouwendyk

Mona Ouwendyk

Mona has been a huge supporter of camping ministries for more years than she can count. Her camping experience memories started when she was only 6 years old, with her father on music camp faculty, and where she first learned to play the C scale on his Eb horn! Since then, she attended Junior & Senior Music Camps at Camp Selkirk and then National School of Music at Jackson’s Point, right up until she got married. When she started having her own children, she made it a priority to help as many children as possible get to music camps and has done many years of fundraising for this cause. After several years of being on Junior & Senior Music Camp Faculty, she feels extremely privileged to take leadership of JMC2, and is now in her 3rd year of this role.


In addition to the music focus you can expect a day filled with sports, activity challenges, great food, friends, & crazy fun activities like pool parties, skit night and campfire. Join us for a week of non-stop fun, amazing personal growth and lasting memories!

rock climbing
campers in the pool with pool noodles
5 children playing on the Blaze playground
Campers wearing silly hots and sun glasses
Music Campers doing their daily parade to the dining hall