Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions people often ask us.  Give us a call, and we would be happy to talk about making your retreat planning a reality.  We will work with you to create a program and price for you.  Call us for more information or if you have questions @ 1-905-722-5751

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Can we come for a Site visit?

Yes- Since Jacksons Point Camp is so close to major cities, we encourage potential guest to come and have a site visit. You can meet with our personnel, look at accommodations, meeting spaces, activity areas and talk about the requirements of your group.

Do we need to bring our own bedding?

Yes- Jacksons Point Camp does not provide bedding for our guests. (Except in an emergency) Please remember to bring a sleeping bag (best option) or a comforter and pillow and towels.

Does Jacksons Point Camp provide instruction for activities?

Yes- you will have a group host that can assist with this.

Are there pay phones to call home?

There are no pay phones. Cell phones get good service at Jacksons Point Camp, Camp phones are available for emergencies as well.

Are sports equipment and games available to use during free time?

Yes- There is equipment available for group usage.

Can accommodations be made for guests with special food needs?

Yes- Jacksons Point Camp will make every effort to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions due to medical or religious reasons.  However, there are some conditions that may require the guest to provide part of their own food.  Inquire when you phone us.

Are waterfront/pool activities available for our group?

Yes- During scheduled times and weather permitting. For safety reasons, the pool is strictly out of bounds at all other times.

Are staff members available after hours if we have problems, or in case of an emergency?

Yes- your Host will provide you with after hours contact information upon your arrival. You will be given a radio in which you can contact your host at any time if needed.

What Does My Booking Include?

Every booking includes:

• A meeting room of suitable size for the group size. This room includes chairs (tables on request), a portable sound system (with up to 3 microphones, stands and patch cords), screen, LCD projector, TV/DVD player.  Our Auditorium has a full soundboard, and LCD plugin.

• Dormitory-style sleeping accommodations in fully winterized cabins. There are three rooms/sleeping areas in each cabin with bunk beds for up to 16 people; we ask you to use at least 10 beds in each cabin. Each cabin comes with a shower room and a separate toilet and sink.

• Use of the grounds for self-directed activities: basketball, road hockey, beach volleyball, walks, hikes.

• Use of our campfire pit during your visit

What does the self cater kitchen include?

• Dishes, cups and glasses, cutlery and flatware for up to 50 people.

• Pots, fry pans, utensils to prepare food for up to 50 people

• Two domestic ovens/ranges, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, refrigerator, freezer, hand beater, daily garbage pick up, cardboard/glass/metal recycling

• Dishwasher, dishwasher detergent

• We wish to self-cater and our group may increase to more than 50. Can we still self-cater?  Unfortunately no. Our self-cater group size is limited to 50 people and that includes all event participants, guest speakers, day visitors, children and the cooks. If you book a self catered event and find you have more than 50 people, call us with at least 2 weeks notice and we will cater it for you, subject to our catering rates.

What if I want more space?

• If you wish a larger meeting room you can request it, subject to availability.

• If you wish more sleeping space, subject to availability, you can have it, again at an additional charge

• If you wish additional, smaller break-out rooms, these may be available.

Do you have additional electronic equipment?

Yes- We have a video projection unit suitable to show PowerPoint or large-screen DVD movies.

What is a ‘guaranteed minimum’?

On your contract you will see that the number of participants is called the ‘guaranteed minimum’. This is the number we use to determine the amount of your deposit. A week before you arrive we will contact you and ask you for the number of participants you have coming. This number may or may not be the same as you previous guaranteed minimum; however it will now become your guaranteed minimum. Should you bring fewer participants, you will be charged for this number (given to us one week prior to your arrival) and if you bring more, you will be charged for them.

Can we use the climbing wall/low ropes?

Yes- These activities are considered ‘Camp Directed’ and may be available subject to weather. We need a minimum of 3 weeks notice to arrange for staff to operate the course.


Call us to discuss your group’s needs, and we’ll work with you to create a program and price for you.  Call us for more information 1-905-722-5751
REQUEST AN ONLINE QUOTE – Click Here to request an online quote, and we will be in contact with your quote within 2 business days.