School Groups

Our classroom is the Great Outdoors!  Our outdoor recreation programs provide a great environment for team building, leadership development and personal growth.

All programs are designed with timeless and relevant “life principles” at their core, focusing on community, team building, cooperation, communication, leadership, and problem solving. These life principles directly apply to everyday life, whether in the family, at school, or in the workplace.

Our programs at Jacksons Point Camp are designed to include personal growth while HAVING FUN!

Our team ensures that all students reach their full potential by using learning models that encourage hands-on learning.

Whether it is students from your classroom, a Senior class trip or your Student Leadership, no matter what the size, it is our desire to work with you.  We want to design our program activities to meet your goals and needs.

For a list of our Staff Facilitated and Self Facilitated Spring/Fall activities and Winter activities, check out the Activities page of our website.

When we quote you a price, it is all inclusive pricing, meaning it includes all your on-site activities, meals and snacks, rooms, accommodation, AV needs and a JPC host.

Call us to discuss your group’s needs, and we’ll work with you to create a program and price for you.  Call us for more information 1-905-722-5751
REQUEST AN ONLINE QUOTE – Click Here to request an online quote, and we will be in contact with your quote within 2 business days.