Thank you so much for your desire to serve the Lord in camp ministry!  Your leadership and passion is appreciated.  As we prepare for summer we pray that the camp experience for campers and faculty will be fun, safe and above all an opportunity to get to know Jesus in a deeper way.

We acknowledge that our procedures for hiring staff and volunteers will seem  rigorous.  Part of that will be greater emphasis on compliance to Salvation Army policies that have been in place for some time and part of it is because we live in a world of increasing complexity and increasing concern for the safety of the children we are entrusted with.

Thank you for your patience!

The following links will provide you with all the reports you need for the summer – both for campers and staff!

  • camper lists by gender and age (hockey option for the sports camp as well)
  • Staff applications
  • Musical instrument if applicable
  • T -shirt sizes (still to come)

Jr Music (July 12 – 18)                      Jr Music (July 19 – 25)            Hispanic Family Camp

Sports Camp                                 Sr Music Camp

Please ask your faculty to visit our website and apply on-line to the appropriate camp.

At the office…

  • Once a day, Laurie goes through the in-box of staff applications received through the online system.
  • Sets up the applications from faculty who are on the list you have sent Laurie of applications you are expecting.
  • If the office receives an application from someone interested in your particular camp but they are not on your list Laurie will screen the application and decide whether it warrants being brought to your attention.
  • The office will take care of any decline letters.  If there are already applications in your folder that you wish to decline you must inform Laurie at the office.
  • The office will automatically initiate all references and screen them as they come in.  Any red-flags will be brought to the attention of Randy and the Director of the particular Shoreline camp.
  • The office will followup with individual faculty by email to explain the abuse training requirements and the police check requirements.  Periodic emails will be sent by the office to the faculty with a “Dashboard” detailing whether the police check has been received and the abuse training completed.

As directors, it is your responsibility to:

  • Regularly check your link to reports to be aware of the applications still outstanding and followup with those volunteers.
  • Use the report of T-shirt sizes in your ordering of shirts
  • Be aware of the numbers of campers registered and the breakdown of genders.  Staff adjustments may be necessary to reflect those numbers.

Police Checks

  • Returning faculty whose police check is 2012 date or later are valid.  Those Junior faculty younger than 16 will not require a police check. Those 16 and 17 require a criminal background check only and those 18 and older will require a VSS.   Those with current police checks from last year will not have to upgrade to a VSS.  For more information see Faculty Information and Training.

Armatus Abuse Training

  • Return faculty who have previously completed the training need only take the refresher
  • New faculty must complete all three modules.
  • Faculty as they complete the training must enter the completion date in their staff application file by logging back into their staff application
  • Instructions and links regarding the abuse training are found at Faculty Information and Training
  • Those Junior faculty younger than 16 will not be required to do the Abuse training