Why consider camp for my child?

Camp is an experience like no other in which young peoples’ lives and outlook can change forever. At camp, children get to try new experiences, make new friends, learn team and leadership skills which can benefit them throughout their lives.

In our world of technology, camp is a place where young people can be kids again and learn to do those things that kids should love to do, be it swimming in the lake, hiking in the woods, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing, sports and wacky games.

What types of activities will my child do at camp?

The camping programs are progressive and programming is designed for the abilities of the different age groups. Some fun activities include rock climbing, canoeing, swimming, crafts, sports, wide games, and more. Campers will also participate in a bible program, themed events and campfire. 

This is a Christian Camp. What does that mean?

While camp staff members identify themselves as followers of Jesus, Salvation Army Camping welcomes campers and families from all backgrounds and religious beliefs. Camp provides a non-denominational Christian environment for children and youth. This means that we hold core beliefs of the historical Christian faith that we clearly present, in age-appropriate ways. Our desire is that the campers know the love of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. However, campers never have beliefs forced upon them; rather, they are invited to consider issues of life and faith from a Christian perspective and to decide for themselves.

Can we request my child be with a friend?

There isn’t a spot on the application itself, but you can fill out this rooming request form and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Summer Camp Rooming Requests (

What are your accommodations like?

Accommodation depends upon the program. In our Adventure Camp program the boys ages 11-13 sleep in trailers and all the others sleep in cabins.  If your campers are at the Shoreline Camps at Jacksons Point they sleep in cabins. All beds are twin bunk beds. 

What kind of meals do you serve?

Our Food Service Manager oversees the kitchens and menus for each site and ensures that out kitchen staff are fully trained in proper food handling. The menus follow the Canada Food Guide.  The food is great and kid friendly!

Do you have a nut allergy policy?

While we are unable to provide an entirely nut free environment, we endeavour to reduce the risk to campers and staff at camp.  Nuts and nut butters/oils will not be used in any food preparation nor will they be served from the kitchen.  The canteen will not stock products that contain nuts.We insist that all staff and campers refrain from consuming items containing nuts on camp property.  This includes candy bars, almond milk etc.

  • Certain products may contain traces of nuts and therefore those with life-threatening nut allergies are advised to consult with the kitchen staff regarding foods served at each meal and to check labels on canteen items.

 All staff are informed of the signs and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction and will be oriented to the use of an Epi-pen.  The nursing coordinator will train staff in the procedure to follow in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

What about Supervision?

The ratio of campers to staff in the cabin is 4:1 at Adventure Camp and 7:1 at our Shoreline camps. The overall ratio on the campgrounds is 3:1.

Staff and volunteers undergo Police Screening as well as take The Salvation Army’s Abuse Prevention Training.  As well we have a wristband policy at camp where only people who are supposed to be at camp wear a wristband identifier.

What risks are involved with attending camp, and how do you manage them?

At camp we provide a number of adventure based activities. Adventure based activities, as with walking or riding a bus to school, all hold a certain amount of risk.

However, we work very hard to manage the risks in accordance with The Salvation Army’s own policies for summer camps, Health Department standards and camp follows all the guidelines set out by the Ontario Camping Association. This includes things such as current certifications for lifeguards, canoe instructors, high ropes and rock climbing instructors, mountain biking instructors and Wilderness First Aid. Staff are trained on any element of camp that they are expected to lead or help to lead and equipment is checked daily or more frequently, when necessary.

Where are the camps located, and how will my child get there?

Jacksons Point Camp (The Blaze) is located on the southern shore of Lake Simcoe, just outside of Sutton, ON.

Newport Adventure Camp  is located on Skeleton Lake, In Muskoka, about 16 kilometers west of Huntsville, ON.

For our Adventure Camp campers in most cases the local Salvation Army or other agencies sending kids to camp provides transportation to and from the camps. Usually they will drop off at the closest of the two camps and and any campers going on to the other site would be shuttled on a school bus provided by the camp, a two hour trip.

Can I have contact with my child while at camp?

Because our camp sessions are one week we don’t encourage it because it can result in homesickness. However, if a situation requires it we will arrange for contact.  In the event of a family emergency you can contact the camp at 905.722.5751

What is the cost of camp?

The cost for our camps is subsidized by various levels of The Salvation Army and sometimes other sending agencies. The actual cost to run camp is significantly higher than the fees charged.  If you are looking for help with the fees posted on the website we would encourage you to contact your local Salvation Army or contact the camp office for information regarding the closest Salvation Army to you. 

For more information contact the camp office 1.905.722.5751.

How do I register my child?

If you are interested in Adventure Camp first talk with your child about the benefits of camp. Each camper who comes to camp must be a willing participant! Once your child is excited about the adventure that awaits, contact your local Salvation Army to register or contact the camp office. Please be aware that space is limited.

If you are registering for any of our instructional camps you can Register Here.