Timothy 2


Introducing Young People to Work at Camp


Timothy 2 is a Full Summer Staff position. Young people are given an opportunity in various positions at our 2 camps, and are introduced to staff opportunities at camp. They are included in the staff training, and are treated the same as our Full Camp Staff.


What Can I Expect?


You will have a job interview with our Leadership team
You can expect to be challenged to learn about your own work and leadership style
You will engage in daily devotions and debriefing with your leaders about your daily experiences
Tim 2s meet every week for times of team building and fun as well as Bible Study and learning from guest leaders
You will try out 4 different jobs over the summer. Everyone will take a rotation working with campers in a supportive role, a rotation in services such as housekeeping or maintenance, and a rotation of your choice
You will receive Room and Board, and a weekly allowance of $150
You will make friends and make a difference in the lives of our campers
You will have the opportunity to work at camp but you won’t have the responsibility of the campers as you are in a supportive learning role
Every week we have Camp Staff worship midweek, and on Sunday nights after your day off