Timothy Leadership Program

Are you interested in growing in your faith, growing as a leader, and growing in your awareness of camp life? If you are 14 or 15 years old, then the Timothy Program is the camp staff position for you! The Timothy Program is based on 1 Tim 4:12 “Don’t let anyone put you down because you’re young. Teach believers with your life: by word, by demeanor, by love, by faith, by integrity.”


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About Our Program


This program includes opportunities for discipleship, developing your leadership, expanding your practical skills, and having a lot of fun while living in community. It can be life transforming, and a place where you come to understand in a personal way what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ everyday. Our Timothy’s make life-long friends who will continue to encourage you and stretch you in your faith long after camp is over. The Timothy program promises to be 7 weeks of adventure! It is a paid staff position for people ages 14/15 years old. 

Timothy Program 2024

Dates: July 1- August 16

There is no cost. This is a paid staff position.

Tim 1

The 7-week Timothy Program will include 1 week of staff orientation and 2 weeks of focused leadership development and opportunities, discipleship teaching and time to explore your own faith, and finally the possibility of adventures beyond on-site camp life. The other 4 weeks will give you opportunity to rotate through some of the camp positions and see which ones you enjoy the most. You will experience working alongside other staff in service roles such as maintenance, hospitality, and dining hall, and one rotation of your choice where you are involved directly with the campers. These 4 weeks will allow you to experience our two amazing camp locations: Newport Adventure Camp and Jackson’s Point Camp. 

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What to expect

  • A job interview with our Leadership team and awareness of acceptance by mid-April or sooner 
  • Be encouraged by devotions and review of your daily experiences with your Timothy leaders 
  • Fun times of team building and living in community with all the Timothy’s 
  • Share in small groups, mentoring and learning from guest leaders 
  • Learning about your own work and leadership style 
  • Be a paid staff member, earning student minimum wage for 7 weeks 
  • Make friends and have an impact on the lives of our campers 
  • The opportunity to work at both camps in supportive learning roles 
  • Enjoy weekly times of Camp staff worship  
  • End the summer with excitement about the position you want to apply for the following year!



Tim 1 was an amazing experience that I would strongly recommend to any Christian teenager. Every day was filled with learning and laughter. The highlights of Tim 1 were the out trip and the missions trip. Our out trip was a canoeing trip in Algonquin Park. During this out trip, our group really grew closer together, spiritually and as friends. Canoeing, making meals, finding firewood and setting up tents is the ultimate team building experience. The missions trip to Toronto really opened my eyes to the poor and the homeless, and that they are just the same as you and me. They deserve to be loved and live a life of dignity. It also showed me that a simple act of kindness can brighten someone’s whole day.

        Tim 1 has changed my spiritual life in many ways. We had a worship team at Tim 1, and that helped me make a decision to join Songsters at my home Corps. I also started helping out with Sunday School this year, and that choice was made after I helped out with younger campers. Tim 1 has also drastically changed my spiritual life. I make time to pray more, read my Bible, and I am able to quote more scripture. I feel a deeper connection with God, and I go to him more with problems, more than I ever did before. I’m so grateful to my leaders, who were fantastic spiritual examples. 

        If you decide to go to Tim 1, you will have an experience you will never forget, and friends you will always cherish.

Andy Brooks (Previous Tim 1 Program)