Why support Ontario Camping Ministries? 

Our purpose

Each year hundreds of children and youth join our camp for a fun, week-long, life changing experience that will ensure:

  • A place to Belong – all aspects of camp life will work towards a community that is respectful and caring of every person.  We want all people to feel valued, included, encouraged, loved, heard, respected, accepted, and safe within the beautiful sanctuary of our campgrounds.
  • A place to Grow – opportunities are woven into camp life for campers and staff to be challenged to grow in their awareness of self and others.  We will provide opportunities for fun adventure, challenges, and foundational learning that will give people ways to grow into stronger individuals and leaders within our world.
  • A place to experience Jesus – woven into this Christian camp is teaching from the Bible and a caring, professional staff who work to love and serve others, with the hope that all people will grow in their awareness of Jesus and experience His deep love for them. 


Make a difference

Your donation helps us to carry out our purpose and operate camps that will change lives. Along with our staff, you can become a cheerleader in the thousands of lives that are impacted each week throughout the summer. Thank you for considering this opportunity to help send a child to camp and for your continued support. Please contact our office if you have any questions about opportunities to support Ontario Camping Ministries.

Pray for us

Prayer is woven into all that we do. Please join us in prayer specifically for our campers, staff, and sacred camp properties. Thank you.  The prayers of others are a gift, and they make a difference.


Join our team

Camp relies on many people to give their time and commitment to help facilitate our purpose.  Apply online or contact our office to apply to be a volunteer at camp.


Donation opportunities

This year we have a number of projects that need completing.  Your help would be much appreciated.

Camper Scholarships
The cost to send a child to camp is $550 for a week, and is underwritten by donations to ensure that every child has access to our camps.  You can make it possible for a camper to experience a life-changing experience at camp.
General Operating Fund

Our goal is to deliver excellence in programming, facilities and staff while providing financially accessible camps to families in need.  Donations to our Operating Fund make it possible to continue to offer camp to deserving children.

Adopt a tree

Over the last few years, The Salvation Army Jackson’s Point Camp has sadly lost many of its trees due to the ash beetle.  We are looking to replenish our grounds with up to 100 new trees! If you would like to support this environmental cause as we continue to preserve our God given camp, please see below. To complete your donation, please donate the total cost of your items and email paige.sharp@salvationarmy.ca with your order. Orders close July 31st

Autumn Blaze (Auditorium)


Mixed Maple (Path to Beach)


Oak (Boat House Gate)


Kentucky Coffee Tree (Basketball Court)


Tulip Tree (Behind the Cross)


Bench @ JPC (Auditorium area)


Bench @ Newport (Beach area)


Donation Plaque (placed by tree or on bench)



Gifts in Kind

If you have materials or equipment in good condition, they can be a great blessing to our ministry. Right now we could use any of the following.

  • Shop equipment i.e. planer
  • Passenger van (good condition)
  • Flowers 
  • Wood Chips

Please contact the camp office.

Contact Us

Do you have further questions about how to support Ontario Camping Ministries? 

Feel free to email us at ocm@salvationarmy.ca or call our office 905 722 5751.